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Level III 10x12 Front and Back plates (set) Single Curve

Cost Starting at: $234.99

When the SHTF, this is the armor you want to be wearing.  Durable, and capable of stopping all common North American rifle, shotgun, and pistol rounds.  Plus, we've tested our armor with penetrator 5.56 ammunition, and it barely dented it!  

These 10x12"  plates are formed from 1/4" Abrasion Resistant Brinell Hardness 550 steel (AR550), the same variety used by the military in armored vehicles.  We laser cut each piece and add a 20 degree bend that conforms to the human torso.  After preparing the metal, we add a special  1/4" polymer  coating that serves to trap bullet fragments.

The standard 10x12 size fits most plate carriers.  We, of course, recommend purchasing a carrier from us; but, if you already own a carrier, these plates will likely fit.

Each steel plate weighs 7.5 lb and the anti-spall coating adds an additional 1.5 lb.  These are a little heavier than ceramic or SAPI plates, but MUCH more durable. 

Viper Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Cost Starting at: $84.99

The Viper Modular Operator Plate Carrier is designed with heavy webbing on all sides for any MOLLE compatible gear and accessories. The MOPC also features an internal cummberbund and padded shoulders support and comfort.  This is our most popular plate carrier. Selected Armor comes in a set (front and back).

Plate carrier:

-Fits M-XL

Accomodates 10x12 to Large ESAPI plates (10.25x13.25) front and back

-Accepts 6x6" or 6x8" side plates with built-in pockets

-Emergency drag handle

-Release buckles on shoulders and waist strap

-Can be worn with or without cummberbund

-Water Resistant

-1000D Polyester (Solid colors) -Fabric is foreign

-1000D Nylon (Camo colors) -Fabric is made in USA and is licensed

-Shoulder pads have loops for equipment and/or hydration tube

-Sewn in China

-NTOA Recommended

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