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My Patriot Supply's 72-Hour Kit provides one adult with 16 servings of healthy, delicious storable food for 3 days. Packaged in convenient and lightweight 4-Serving Mylar pouches, our low-heat dehydrated food seals in the flavor and high-nutritional value. Simple and easy to prepare: just boil water, pour in the food, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and serve up a great meal.

Cost: $24.95

My Patriot Supply has set the industry standard for delicious tasting and nutritious survival food. Our 2-Week Food Supply provides one adult with 70 servings of healthy, delicious storable food and snacks for 14 days. Perfect for emergencies: power outages, quarantines, blizzards, civil unrest and more.

Our low-heat dehydration method seals in flavor and high-nutritional value. Each recipe comes packaged in convenient and lightweight 4-serving Mylar pouches.

My Patriot Supply will change the way you look at the emergency food in your pantry. Every time you eat one of these meals, you can rest-assured you are eating healthy, flavorful food and saving money. Your meals are as delicious and nutritious tonight as they will be in 25 years - ready for any crisis.

Cost: $117.00 (ON SALE NOW for only $67.00 - You Save $50)