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What Is a TacPack?

Sign-up.  Then every month, they send you great gear from great companies.  They’re not going to insult your intelligence with little icons or pictures to explain it. Despite what the media says, you can be Pro-2A and be intelligent.

Each month they send a curated assortment of tactical gear, Survival goods, and EDC gear.  They work very hard to select items that will be useful for everyone. They hardly ever send “swag”. Their boxes contain useful & professional-grade gear.

A TacPack usually contains an MSRP of $80.00-$100.00+ worth of gear. The highest box value was 124.00 as a note. The box value (month to month) depends largely on who they strike a deal with in terms of wholesale cost. All suppliers differ and their large volume of thousands of subscribers allows them to bring the best possible deal to their loyal community.

What comes in a TacPak? Check out the January 2017 TacPack below:

5.11 Tactical Knife (43.00) – We struck an amazing deal with 5.11 Tactical to bring this cool folder to the TacPack. A 3-inch blade with a G10 grip makes for a perfect blade to stash in a go bag, glove box, center console, or range bag!
Martin Hammer (20.00) – Justin Martin designed this product and it is the perfect keychain accessory for gun-lovers. They take a real AR15 hammer and rework it to make the perfect key accessory. We get asked about ours all the time!
Breakthrough Clean Battle Born Grease (19.00) – Breakthrough Clean Battleborn grease is some of the most advanced lubricant technology. It is a synthetic grease fortified with Sub-Micron size PTFE. Blended completely with pure synthetic base oils, additives and shear stable thickeners to work in extremely high and low temperatures (Operating Range -75° to +510°F).
LighterBro Stealth (16.00) – The Lighterbro Stealth multi-tool is manufactured using 100% Japanese 420 Stainless Steel. A Knife, screwdriver and scissors are spring loaded for fast action and bottle opener is integrated into bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact profile when carried.
Sawtooth Barrel Floss (18.00) – The Sawtooth 5.56mm Barrel Floss is a product with a lifetime warranty developed by a Green Beret & Veteran. Sawtooth takes their customers seriously and provides very good innovative products where no expense is spared. They developed this bore snake to ensure proper cleaning. As stated, they guarantee the product for your lifetime and if it ever breaks they will replace the broken unit.